Thornton W. Burgess Society

Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen

Caring for Our Resident Animals



We have a fundraising goal of $9,000 to help care for our animals.

We are very close to reaching that goal but need the support of our valued visitors.

What does it mean to take care of our animals?

We are grateful to our many supporters who have donated to our ongoing fundraiser “Giving Twenty in 2020” for the care of our animals. Many of you are probably wondering exactly what is entailed with “taking care of our animals.” 

As mentioned on our Web site, our animals are currently being cared for at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History until they can be safely moved back to our Sandwich campus. There are several tasks involved with taking care of our animals. Each day an Animal Caretaker goes to the Museum to check on the health of all our animals and to perform those tasks associated with their care. Before feeding begins, all cages are checked to be sure they are secure and that the animals are well. Tanks are also checked to be sure temperatures are stable.

Once the cages and tanks are finished, our rabbits, Peter and Miss Fuzzytail are removed from their cages and moved into a pen for their daily two hours of exercise. The rabbits also enjoy a few fresh vegetables while in the pen. While Peter and Miss Fuzzytail are getting their exercise, the Animal Caretaker thoroughly cleans their cages which includes changing their litter boxes and putting fresh food and water in the cage.

Next up are the Finches. The newspapers at the bottom of their cage are changed. The Finches are given fresh water and their food is replenished. The Finches love to take baths in the fresh water so the Animal Caretaker normally ends us changing the water twice.

The next group of animals to be cared for are Mr. Sticky Toes, our resident White’s tree frog, our turtles (Nina, Fanny and Leo) and our two snakes (Houdini and a new baby milk snake). All of these animals are given clean water, their tanks are misted to maintain proper humidity and spot cleaned as needed.

Mr. Sticky Toes is fed once every three days and likes meal and wax worms. The snakes are fed mice once a week.

Nina, Fanny and Leo are fed every other day with fresh veggies and mealworms. They need exercise too, so they are allowed to roam around the room. We have to keep our eye on the turtles as they can be quick to hide!

Our Animal Caretaker thoroughly cleans all the dishes used to prepare food for our animals, sanitizes the work area, and completes the paperwork associated with the animals’ care. Part of the paperwork includes a Daily Care Log noting which of the animals have been fed, what they have been fed, tank temperatures and other comments.

Once all the tanks and cages have been double-checked for temperatures, timers on lights plugged in and working properly, it’s time to put Peter and Fuzzytail back into their cages. They are each given a special treat once back in their cages which they really look forward to!


Your donations to “Giving Twenty in 2020” help provide not only necessary food—and we all know how much food costs these days! — but the services needed to keep Peter, Fuzzytail, Mr. Sticky Toes and friends healthy and happy!

If you haven’t yet donated but would like to help support the care of our animals please click here.