"to inspire reverence for wildlife and concern for the natural environment"

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Education Kits

Through the generous support of United Way, Mirant, Bank of America  and The Marion Jordan Charitable Foundation we have 9 kits available to be loaned to any educator in our area.  These are classroom Science/Language Arts Kits available at NO CHARGE! on a first come basis.  Each Grade K-4 kit contains lesson plans, Burgess books, activity sheets, natural history artifacts and related hands-on materials.  Loan period is 2 weeks.  Call 508-888-6870 

Any "educator" (which includes home schoolers) may borrow the Kits free of charge. The educator assumes responsibility for the artifacts. The loan period is 2 weeks and you must call ahead for availability. 

Birds-This kit uses sports team mascots, recordings of common bird sounds, examination of beaks, bones, eggs, nests, feathers and field guides to spark interest in our feathered neighbors.

Bird Kit

Mammals-This kit contains lots of hands-on materials like furs, skulls, scat  replicas, tracks and chews to help support a thorough exploration into the mammal class.

Mammal Kit

Honey Bees- this kit is designed around a week of activities using literature and games to explore the life and history of honey bees.  Explore what it means to be an insect, how bees communicate and their role as pollinators.

Honey Bee Kit

Endangered Species- This kit highlights local and global animals and plants that are considered endangered, threatened and species of special concern.  Hands-on materials include animal artifacts donated through from the United States Fisheries and Wildlife Services Cargo for Survival artifacts program.

Endangered Species Kit

Rocks and Minerals- Kit introduces students to Earth's materials including minerals, rocks and soils.  Hands-on rock and mineral specimens, Moh's Hardness Scale Kits, and a black light kit for mineral fluorescence included.

Rocks & Minerals Kit

Reptiles and Amphibians- Kit explores reptiles and amphibians of Massachusetts, their habits and habitats.  Kit includes turtle shells, skeletons, egg replicas, skins, field guides and books.

Reptiles & Amphibians Kit

Seashore Life- Kit outlines invertebrates and plants inhabiting the inter-tidal zone along Cape Cod beaches.  Included are puppets, local shells, plant models all with a focus on tidal pool life.

Seashore Life Kit

Dinosaurs and Fossils- Kit introduces students to current information about dinosaurs, their lives, the times in which they lived and how they became extinct.  Kit includes fossils, puppets, posters, puzzles & charts.

Dinosaurs & Fossils Kit

Plants- One of our latest kit explores plant classes with focus on classification.  Hands-on materials include Riker Mount Displays on the Plant Kingdom, Commercial Crop Seeds, and plastic flower samples, plant presses, field guides and literature books.

Plant Kit
Plant Kit

Our Earth Science Field Studies Kit for grades 4-8 is designed to provide hands-on materials to enhance student exploration of soil and the process by which soil is created.  Student materials include:  sampling augers; sediment tubes to show how materials are sorted within the soil and water; meter sticks to delineate study sites; soil PH, light, moisture and temperature meters; classification of soil lab with curriculum binder and materials for up to 10 student groups; carry bins; water cycle model and support materials; and in addition to the foot locker, a trundle wheel for measuring study sites.

Earth Science Kit

Earth Science Kit







Thornton W. Burgess Society
6 Discovery Hill Road
East Sandwich, MA 02537