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Explorers Summer Programs 2017

EXPLORERS  (ages 7 - 9). note new age range
Class size maximum for this age group is 15.

Classes meet 9am to noon unless otherwise noted.

Dress for outdoors and bring a snack. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE NUT PRODUCTS IN ANY SNACKS.


   FEES FOR CHILDREN'S PROGRMS:  M = member      NM = non-member

Full Session is Monday - Friday (15 hours)   $165 M                  $190 NM

   3 Day Session (any 3 days/same week)            $  99 M                  $124 NM

Individual Class Days                                              $  33 M                  $  48 NM 

Online registration for our Explorers programs (3 or 5 days per week only) will start February 1 .  Go  HERE

A limited number of scholarships are available based on available funds.  Please email the   Education Director with your request.  mary.beers@thorntonburgess.org 


Our children’s programs are aligned for E-STEM (Environment, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  Be sure to read the weekly course outlines. Your child’s attendance for the full week ensures all content is covered.  Individual day registrations will also be accepted. 

Please note that Class Drop Off / Pick Up Locations vary week to week and even daily.  Each day’s class location is found under the BOLD Class Title and to the right of the date.  A detailed summer class location description is found on our web site under Child Programs. 

While weekly sessions for the different age groups may have the same title, every session is age/ability appropriate.  There may be explorations out on the water noted alongside the daily location.  Discoverers & Explorers explore the pond at Green Briar in our 14 foot canoe-catamaran powered by staff and junior naturalist volunteers.  Rangers use single canoes and are arranged according to experience/ability as noted by our staff.  Our staff provide necessary age/size appropriate flotation vests.  You are welcome to bring your own vests on those days. 

Each Class is led by a Burgess Society Teacher/Naturalist who is Pediatric First Aid Certified and CORI checked with a Summer Naturalist Assistant.  Peter Rabbit’s Friends, Discoverers and Explorers are also assisted by a volunteer Junior Naturalist Aide.  Classes are limited up to 12 children for Peter Rabbit’s Friends and up to 14 children for Discoverers and Explorers. 

DAILY REQUIREMENTS:  Each child will need a hat, shoes that suit the class (never send a child in flip flops) and a snack.  Water is provided.  Please avoid sugary drinks and canned sodas.  OUR CLASSES AND CLASSROOMS ARE NUT FREE ZONE. 

 3 days only
July 5 ZOOM into Science Meets at Green Briar
July 6 ZOOM into Science Meets at Green Briar
July 7   FETCHScience    Meets at Green Briar
ANIMAL SAFARI:                
July 10 Owl Pellets and Animal Sign Meets at Green Briar
July 11 Swamp and Pond Meets at Green Briar
July 12 Marsh Madness Meets at Green Briar
July 13 Sandy Beaches Meets Town Beach Lot
July 14 Tidal Pool Life Meets Horizon's Lot
FACT or FABLE:    
July 17 Magical Creatures Meets at Game Farm
July 18 Nature's Mysteries Meets at Game Farm
July 19 Creature Feature Meets at Green Briar
July 20 Pirate Fact or Fable Meets at Green Briar
July 21 Pirate Fact or Fable Meets at Green Briar
July 24 Flying and Soaring Meets at Green Briar
July 25 Rolling Meets at Green Briar
July 26   Spinning Meets at Green Briar
July 27 Floating  Meets at Green Briar
July 28 Bang and Boom Meets at Green Briar
 July 31 Peter Cottontail        Meets at Green Briar
August 1 Slowpoke Box Turtle Meets at Green Briar 
August 2 Grandfather Frog   Meets at Green Briar
August 3 Unc. Billy Possum Meets at Green Briar
August 4 Tommy Trout   Meets Trout Hatchery
HERPS Explore:
3-days only
August 8 Frogs and Toads   Meets at Green Briar
August 10 Totally Turtle Meets at Green Briar 
August 11 Salamanders and Snakes Meets at Green Briar
August 14  Tidal Pool Life Meets Horizon's Lot
August 15 Sandy Beaches Meets Town Beach Lot
August 16 Marsh Madness   Meets at Game Farm
August 17  Swamp and Pond   Meets at Game Farm 
August 18 Owl Pellets and Animal Sign Meets at Game Farm 
August 21 ZOOM Science Meets at Green Briar
August 22 ZOOM Science Meets at Green Briar
August 23 FETCH Science Meets at Green Briar
August 24   FETCH Science Meets at Green Briar
August 25 Build It Science Meets at Green Briar


PBS SCIENCE SESSION: Explorers jump into physical science and chemistry using activities from the ZOOM and FETCH with Ruff Ruffman PBS Science Shows.  Designing, building, creating hypotheses, and experimenting make each day exciting and fast paced. Activities include creating wind powered "cars", designing the ultimate kite, creating a roller coaster for a marble and designing your own custom flavor of ice cream.

ANIMAL SAFARI SESSION: Discoverers and Explorers only. Visit a salt marsh, tidal pool, sandy beach, freshwater pond and forest during this week of habitat exploration.  This "away" class meets at different locations so be sure to check where to drop off your child.  A definitely wet week so be prepared with footwear that can get wet and muddy (no flip flops).

BUILD BANG BOOM SESSION: All ages enjoy a week filled with age appropriate hands-on designing and building objects that soar, float, roll, spin, “explode” and make lots of noise.  Examine old-time toys like kites and yoyo's to discover how they work.  Create your own versions of tried and true toys.  End the week discovering what amazing thing happens when you combine Diet Coke and Mentos candy.

 BURGESS ANIMAL SESSION:  Each day will focus on animals from a Thornton Burgess Adventures of book. Animals include Peter Cottontail, Slowpoke the Box Turtle, Grandfather Frog (with a canoe catamaran explore on the Smiling Pool Pond), Sammy Blue Jay and Tommy Trout (Discoverers and Explorers meet at the Sandwich Trout Hatchery this day) Learn about each animal, create related crafts and meet our live animals. 

FACT or FABLE SESSION: Discoverers and Explorers seek to distinguish the fact or fable in sayings like "Blind as a bat" or "If you touch a toad you'll get warts." They also explore the world of fairies and Bigfoot.  End the week with Cape Cod Pirate lore while hunting for pirate treasure out on the Smiling Pool Pond.    

HERPS Explore SESSION:  All ages enter the world of reptiles and amphibians through direct interaction with our live animals and out door exploration.  Topics include life cycles and adaptations for survival.  







Thornton W. Burgess Society
6 Discovery Hill Road
East Sandwich, MA 02537