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Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 10


Sneak Peek Week 9     Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 9


Sneak Peek Week 8     Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 8


Sneak Peek Week 7     Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 7


Sneak Peek Week 6     Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 6


Sneak Peek Week 5     Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 5


Sneak Peek Week 4     Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 4


Sneak Peek Week 3     Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 3


Sneak Peek Week 2       Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 2


Sneak Peek Week 1       Peter Rabbit Gazette Week 1


Sneak Peek Intro       Peter Rabbit Gazette Intro




There is a plan to create a special place called the Green Meadow Forest where, I, and other characters created by Mr. Thornton W. Burgess in his stories, will be ready to meet all the children and families that come to visit. I’ll be visiting the exhibit and updating everyone on the progress so please visit this page weekly for the latest news!

A special thank you to Matt York and Jennifer Kravitz of York Building and Remodeling, 6A, Sandwich for shepherding us through the building permit process.