Thornton W. Burgess Society

Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen

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The Thornton W. Burgess Society is a non-profit educational organization dedicated "to inspire reverence for wildlife and concern for the natural environment" in the tradition of author and naturalist Thornton Waldo Burgess.

The Society serves its members through monthly updates, classes and workshops for children, adults and families.

At the Green Briar Nature Center and Jam Kitchen you can relax in our award winning wildflower garden, breathe in the wonderful aromas in our Jam Kitchen and join in some of our great classes. You will also get discounted admission to the Green Meadow Forest experience, including visiting our animals.

At the East Sandwich Game Farm you can walk through miles of trails where you will see the natural beauty of Cape Cod's environment.

Interested? Please contact us at 508.888.6870.

Personal Membership

(no schools)





2 Person Membership



All benefits except Kidsummer

1 member with ID plus 1 each visit

4 Person Membership



All benefits

1 member with ID plus 3 each visit

6 Person Membership



All benefits

1 member with ID plus 5 each visit

8 Person Membership



All benefits

1 member with ID plus 7 each visit

10 Person Membership



All benefits

1 member with ID plus 9 each visit

Unlimited Membership



All benefits

1 member with ID plus unlimited each visit

Business Memberships: May be used by any current employee

Good Neighbor Membership



All benefits

2 employees

Corporate Membership



All benefits

4 employees

Corporate Benefactor



All benefits

6 employees


Membership Benefits:

To use your new membership at least one named member must be present with ID. Up to two adults may be listed on a membership and each named member present counts towards the visit. The remainder of the count can be made up of the same or different individuals at each visit. You can select the level that best represents your needs.


Please note: membership levels and rules changed, January 1, 2021.

Only one card will be issued per membership.

Forget your card? Check in at Green Meadow Forest and/or CCMNH Admissions with ID.